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Bostwick Knives

Crafted by Chris Bostwick

Burlington, Wisconsin


Custom Knifemaker

What goes into the craft

Original designs in traditional slipjoint folding knives. Each knife handcrafted using fine materials, processes and quality heattreating.
Blades are constructed of stainless ATS-34, BG-42, or D2 and or O1 depending on batch or request. All airquenched steels are cryoquenched or frozen in the hardening process  to produce a dense and durable blade.  All blades are hardness tested in a commercial lab.
Handle materials are pinned and bonded using strong permanent adhesive epoxy and thus backed by my warranty. " If any component of the knife fails in anyway during my lifetime I will repair or replace it".  This applys to any knife material or component and of course does not include normal wearing.

Standard model Gunstock design in ATS-34-$350


Something special about a pocketknife that speaks tradition.  I used to think that fine knives were those of the mass produced type until I learned that there is nothing finer in a knife then the quality , detail and finish that can be imparted one at a time by the skill of the hand.
I have always been fascinated with antique and custom cutlery.  Theres even more satisfaction for me in the making of my own knives.  I own customs from some of the great makers and have observed processes used by several of them. 
 Its a pleasure for me to make an original piece, each knife is an adventure and a new challenge and I strive to become more well rounded with each new pattern or design.
 Whether you seek a keepsake for collecting or a tough duty every day carry, Im creating the knife that you may have in mind. Stop by and let me know of your particulars. Thanks for looking

circa 1890-1914
Antique Northfield teardrop Jack Ivory..Isnt it a beauty?

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